Author, photographer and gardening adviser.

Goplant, Amsterdam introduces his books, photographs and ideas for contemporary gardens.


Our final refuge for self-expression and escape from the constraints of modern society, the contemporary garden is an asset to be cherished and exploited. Perennial plants, ornamental grasses and bulbs together with the ways they can be used in garden design to alter moods and express ideas is the subject covered in these web pages.

Michael King is the author of six books and numerous articles on the role of plants in contemporary gardens.


International Edition Special US Edition In his latest book, Michael King explains the principles of good garden design. All plants from trees and shrubs to annuals find their place in his designs with perennials being used to create bold themes at different times of the year.

Design styles as different as minimalist, cottage garden and naturalistic both formal and informal are given equal attention to present a kaleidoscope of ideas and inspiration.

In the final part of the book, perennials are featured that are capable of creating effective planting themes in different seasons and in diverse garden habitats and situations. Illustrated with some 270 images taken especially for this book in gardens and parks throughout continental Europe, England and North America.


International Edition Special US Edition Never before has there been a book about growing tulips in the garden that clearly shows how to get the best from this diverse group of plants. There is a lot more to tulips than cut flowers and the traffic islands we see splashed with their colour in spring.

Their exotic history is covered to serve as just one reason we might be inspired to grow them. Twenty classic tulips are highlighted to introduce the different characters of the many different types of tulips. Acting like beacons they introduce readers to flowers as different as tiny wild species for the rock garden or trough, through curvaceous Lily-flowered tulips, extravagant Parrot, Double Flowered and Viridiflora Group tulips to the virtues of bold Triumph and Darwinhybride tulips. Throughout, the emphasis is on design and garden-worthy varieties.

Finally, the book brings everything together into glittering collections of tulips organised by colour. A comprehensive reference work that is guaranteed to inspire.


International Edition Special US Edition Written jointly with the nurseryman and designer Piet Oudolf, this has become one of the classic books on gardening with ornamental grasses in the naturalistic style.

Again the plants are seen as tools to be used in the making of expressive gardens. This is not one of those plant encyclopedias, but rather a considered designer's guide. Some 150 of the best ornamental grasses are recommended at the expense of many others that are often available but not always the best choices.

The book's message is that grasses can bring a fresh dimension to contemporary gardens, but that they must be used carefully and preferably in combinations with other plants to reach their full potential.